Black swallowtail butterfly from larva to adult

We discovered this swallowtail caterpillar on our dill in the garden just after its second instar phase.  Interestingly the chrysalis color depends upon where the caterpillar is attached.  It can be green if the swallowtail pupa is going to be stringing up on a green branch, or brown if it is on a stick or a dead leaf.  We missed the morphing from caterpillar to pupa as we were on vacation, and I missed the swallowtail eclosing from its pupa today.  With any luck I will catch our second chrysalis breaking open to release the adult.  I believe the adult pictured is a female.still has spikesalmost fully grown

last molt to fourth instar, or fully grown caterpillar, stage

note the faceplate below caterpillar’s head and the shedded skin below its lower endempty chrysalis strung up with fully grown adult next to it

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