Common yellowthroat

I spotted a male common yellowthroat this evening down in our meadow.  Unfortunately I did not have my camera.  These birds are common in wet meadows and never fly directly to their nests; they land nearby and walk to the nest in order to confuse predators.  They fall victim to brown-headed cowbirds very often.  The cowbird manages to lay her egg in an unsuspecting bird’s nest (always of another species as the cowbird does not create her own nest at all), and when the cowbird baby hatches, it is usually so much larger than the other babies that it gobbles up a lion’s share of the meals from the nest parent(s).  Cowbirds have contributed to the decline in the songbird population.

Our eastern phoebe nest fell again, this time on a day when we were not home for 12 hours.  The poor babies died.  Hopefully Mrs. Phoebe will try again this season.

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